Jeff Koons’ Rabbit
Jeff Koons: A Masterpiece from the Collection of S.I. Newhouse
Jeff Koons’ Rabbit sold for $91,075,000,
making it not only a record price achieved for the artist, but also the most expensive work of art sold by a living artist at auction.
Jeff Koons: A Masterpiece from the Collection of S.I. Newhouse was published to coincide with the highly anticipated sale of Jeff Koons’ Rabbit at Christie’s New York in May 2019. From the renowned collection of the Condé Nast publishing magnate, Si Newhouse, this publication is the third in a series of three branded volumes that memorialize the legacy of this highly regarded collection. An icon of contemporary art since its conception in 1986, Rabbit carries an equally compelling legacy. This publication features two original texts—including a specially commissioned essay by art critic, Blake Gopnik—as well as an archival review by venerated MoMA curator, Kirk Varnedoe. With a vast history of installation shots from prominent museum and gallery exhibitions spanning through the course of the publication, Jeff Koons: A Masterpiece from the Collection of S.I. Newhouse, unites art and collector at the highest level.
Publisher: Christie’s Inc., May 2019
Kent Albin, Design, Creative and Art Direction // William Paton, Blake Gopnik, Text // Archival Text by Kirk Varnedoe
It is a piece where a ton of contradictions are fused with shocking, deadpan economy into an unforgettable ingot. I can unpack this sculpture endlessly without ever dulling the bewilderments—hilarious and outrageous but chilling and cynical, familiar but also from Mars— that caused that first frisson.”
— Kirk Varnedoe

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