The Golden Age of Baseball
This large project was for an auction of select material from the National Pastime Museum
that was such a success that it led to two additional sales over the next three years.

As an avid baseball fan and historian myself, it was my great pleasure to be given sole responsibility for creating 
all of the marketing material for an epic sale of baseball photographs and memorabilia, a selection of which is shown here in the photos (below). Because the pre-sale exhibition and events took place in five cities, I created a flexible system, using a "stripes" design for the marketing and exhibitions materials in which I could easily swap out 
legendary players and heroes for those cities' teams. The graphics for the multi-city tour and additional sales included digital ads, outdoor graphics, environmental graphics, display graphics, digital and printed invitations, magazine ads and brochures.

Of perhaps greatest importance from the perspective of a prospective buyer, the catalogues I designed for their perusal were presented in each of two volumes, corresponding to the first two live auction sale days: 
Memorabilia (day one) and Photography (day two). 

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